Larry Rose’s new book, Ten Decisions Canada’s Worst, Best and Most Far Reaching Decisions of the Second World War will be released by Dundurn Press in October 2017

Ten Decisions Cover

TEN DECISIONS: Canada’s Best, Worst and Most Far Reaching Decisions of the Second World War is a fascinating examination of some of the key turning points of the war for Canada. It includes military, diplomatic and political decisions that changed the course of Canadian history. Some of them are surprising when examined today, some were little known or understood at the time and all came with sweeping, sometimes unexpected, consequences.

The book also focuses on some of the most powerful leaders of the war including Canada’s greatest wartime general, Guy Simonds and the “Minister of Everything”, C.D. Howe whose power, in some ways equalled that of the great dictators of the era. Howe was a titanic figure, not well recognized today and among the greatest in Canadian history.

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His previous book Mobilize! was published in 2013 by Dundurn.

Cover of Mobilize by Larry D Rose